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Factory Supply 3 folding Arm Kit Short Throw Projector Wall Mount Bracket
Category : TV & Projector Mount
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  1. Retractable Arm Short Throw Universal Projector Wall mount
  2. Compatible with all famous of brand Projectors in the market
  3. Compact Nice Design
  4. Fine Tune,Easy to adjust the Angle,make sure right picture projection
  5. Short Arm or Long Arm available
  6. 15KG Big weight capacity, Let u feel free of the safety
  7. Quite simple installation with included hardware accessories
  8. 3 Retractable Arm Design, More Slim Packing box to save Logistics cost

Arm Length495~1250mm

Max weight15 kg

self weight4.5 kg

Unit packing, mm500*218*346

Up/Down adjusting80mm
left / right adjusting90mm
Angle adjusting

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The all new Universal Projector Mount Short Throw is an ideal way to maximize the close up capabilities of your short throw projector while saving room space and locating the projector above the audience.

The Universal Projectormount Short Throw includes everything needed for a complete installation including wall plate and hardware for mounting the projector supporting a max load up 25 kg. The adjustment range allows you to locate the projector and included mount from a minimum of 325 mm from the wall with a +/-5 tilt adjustment. Distance between mounting plate (centered) and wall 325-740mm.

The included projector mount makes it possible to install almost all Short Throw projectors on the market. The projector mount is a clean designed compact projector mount with a small form factor which supports the trend towards sophisticated technology in a small package.

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