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As a Benchmark of Quality and Integrity, VITEK Won an Award in National Quality Month
By time : 2015/11/13    Clicks : 1994    Public:Shenzhen Vitek Electronics Co., Ltd.
                                       As a Benchmark of Quality and Integrity, VITEK Won an Award in National Quality Month
                                                                                        Nov. 13,2015
    Recently, the 2015 "Quality Month" event has kicked off in Beijing, jointly hosted by 39 national departments such as General Administration of Quality Supervision, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of CPC, National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the event, VITEK was granted with the title of "National Benchmark Enterprise in Quality and Integrity", which was also another national award for quality and integrity following the title "Excellent National Demonstrative Enterprise in Quality and Integrity" which VITEK received from China Association of Quality Promotion in this year

    The National "Quality Month" event is a significant quality event which has been carried out by China for a long period. It is a nationwide thematic event which lasts for one month and is organized in every September, with an aim to enhance the people's quality awareness and national quality competitiveness, and create a social trend that quality is highly valued the government, enterprises, society and people. The National "Quality Month" event this year was themed as "Striding into Quality Times, Building a Quality Power". Jointly hosted by 39 departments such as General Administration of Quality Supervision, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of CPC, and National Development and Reform Commission, the event has interested more than a hundred cities and central enterprises in positive participation. With more than a hundred activities, the event is carried out across China in a way that is not only actively and orderly but also catering for the masses.

    Over the years,Vitek has always taken quality as its cornerstone, advocated "thorough productism", regarded quality control as a sustainable task, and controlled product quality at the source. It has not only established a rigid review and elimination system for qualification of suppliers, but also taken the initiative to introduce a reviewing mechanism into the new products and actively implemented several measures to enhance the quality. Firstly, it issued the Quality Bans of the President and ten major quality control systems throughout the process including research and development, supply, production, sales and customer service and strictly supervised their implementation. It has defined the quality requirements of the research, production and sales systems and implemented an overall quality guarantee policy for all the processes including design, supply, manufacture, storage and transport and service. Secondly, it has established an "unannounced inspection" system, namely, a surprise inspection may be conducted on each foreign base, each sub-contractor and suppliers of some key parts for the purpose of quality alert.
    It's known to all that quality is the unchanged essence of "Internet+". The brand influence of an enterprise can only be expanded by enhancing quality awareness, orienting around quality, focusing on the users, improving fundamental tasks and common processes, and enhancing the product quality in pace with the times. On one hand, vitek keeps staging quality knowledge and skill contest activities inside the company. Depending on its powerful sales and after-sale service network, it has organized its research and manufacture technicians to the market frontline in large and medium sized cities of China to learn about the product sales and after-sale services, so as to bring back problems found in the market for analysis and improvement; on the other hand, it has established a national postdoctoral center, which is equipped with various advanced hardware facilities such as electronic and optical research and testing equipment and drafting instruments
    Over the years, vitek has always taken integrity and quality as the foundation for its survival and development. In the future, it will give further insight into its corporate principles, e.g., prevent at the root, improve sustainably, promote the standard, care about risk prevention, and advocate innovation driving force and quality. Besides, it will further promote the incentive mechanism of quality responsibility and culture, and strive to promote quality improvement activities in different forms and levels. It will actively play a principle and demonstrative role as a benchmark enterprise of integrity and quality and provide safe and reliable quality products to the users.

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